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Essential elements required for becoming parents

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When two people get married they try to start their family by producing offspring and any of the partners is not healthy sexually or having problems in their reproductive system then they will get difficulty in having kids. Sometimes people start denying the fact that they have a problem in them especially men are more likely to accept this thing but the main point is that they do not come out denial and do not start treatment then they will be remain in that position so it is important to get male infertility treatment in Dubai. There are some essential things which a man should have in order to be able to get his partner pregnant and these are as follows:

Healthy sperm: Healthy sperm are needed to get your partner pregnant. To produce healthy sperms, testicles of the male have to be working properly and your body has to produce more male hormone known as testosterone. If a person is producing a lot of sperms but these are not healthy then they are useless.

Semen: Semen is the fluid in which sperms are carried out to take them to the ovaries of the female body. If the semen is not produced then the male body will be unable to transfer its sperms no matter how health the sperms are. When the sperms are produced then they will be mixed up with the fluid called semen and then ejaculated after the erection of penis. Here if every other thing is normal but the erection is not good then person should go for the treatment for erectile dysfunction in Dubai because all the functions of male body should work properly in order to ejaculate healthy sperms.

Sperm count: Sperm count is also necessary along with them being healthy and motile. If there is a lower count than normal then they will not do the work they are for. A healthy count of sperms is 15 million in per ml of semen it can be counted as overall number of 39 million sperms in ejaculated semen. If there is a lower count then it will decrease the chance of your partner getting pregnant because the low count may contain less motile sperms so it will be unable to fertilize the female egg.