What are the most common facial cosmetic surgeries?

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It is the surgery in which the portion of eyes is adjusted in such a way that it looks beautiful. This surgery is very common mostly in Asia and Europe. Asian people living in UAE or Gulf region can consult about their any cosmetic problems from a cosmetic clinic Dubai.

Types of blepharoplasty surgery

Trans-conjunctival blepharoplasty:

It is the surgery of eyes in which the problems in the conjunctiva tissues are removed and the conjunctiva tissues are reshaped by the surgeon.  Wrinkles around the eyes and dark circles under the eyes indicate the deformation of conjunctiva tissues.

Asian eyes plastic or Asian age plastic:

This surgery is also a part of blepharoplasty. Basically it is an eye surgery in which the shape of overhanging part of eyelid is corrected; this problem is mostly becoming common in Asian men and women. Alternative of blepharoplasty is Botox treatment for face. Botox is an injection which stops the aging process.

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty:

It is the surgery in which the lower portion of eyes or eyelids are reshaped .Because of the presence of excessive skin at the lower part of the eyes or due to the presence of eye bags eyes don’t look good  and it effects the facial beauty so this  treatment is good in order to maintain facial beauty .

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty:

It is the surgery in which the saggy skin or overhanging skin on the upper portion of eyelid is maintained. The overhanging skin is removed by the surgeon so the face looks good. The overhanging skin can also create other problems.

Otoplasty Surgery:

The lop-ear problem, bad formation of auricles and abnormal formation of ears can be corrected by the surgery known as otoplasty in the field of aesthetic medical science.

Rhinoplasty Surgery:

The deformation of nose due to accident can be corrected and reformed by the rhinoplasty.

Face lipofilling Surgery:

Reduction in the size of facial tissues or wrinkles on the skin makes skin dry and hard so in order to overcome this problem lipofilling has done. In this surgery fat from different part of your body is transferred to the dry part of your facial skin.

Neck plastic Surgery:

Double chin is very bad looking problem and it is due to excess of fat under the neck skin and this problem can be removed by the neck plastic surgery.

Lip plastic surgery:

In this surgery the shape and volume of lips are reformed according to the desire of client. Most women want to lift their upper lips, some want to raise their mouth corners and this is possible with the help of lip plastic surgery.

Eyebrow and forehead lift Surgery:

The wrinkles on forehead and hanging skin of forehead which is the reason of hanging eyebrow this is the most common problem in middle age men and women. These wrinkles on forehead can be removed by Forehead plastic surgery.