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The importance of a wedding dress

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Isn’t the wedding dress the most mesmerizing thing of all? Whenever we think of weddings the first thing which comes to mind is the preparation and the glorifying buy abayas online uae that all the girls get to flaunt. No matter how stressful the wedding preparations are going to be, you can always rely on that one true moment of happiness when the bride walks down the aisle with her beautiful modest clothing Dubai. Now that we talk about gowns, what is really the deal with them? How are they still so important for brides and how do they still manage to look so beautiful?

The reason behind wedding dresses being so significant is that in the medieval times marriages were a lot more than just creating a bond between husband and wife. It was about joining two families together or bringing different societies together or most of the time it was about politics. When this was the case, bride had to look more presentable because it wasn’t only for her happiness and pleasantness that she had to dress up for, instead it was about representing her family and carrying the look with grace.

When we take a look at the ancient history we see that when weddings were more about unions and this is why the brides who wore bold colours with heavier fabric and a lavish design and stitch were known to be socially high class and belonging to a wealthy family. Whereas poor brides aimed for a pretty church dress and were happy to have found a bond and soul mate.

Well, we are past that stage and women of this age have always been and will be free to choose whatever they want. When the traditional white dress was introduced, it not only eliminated the element of social class and wealth but it also became a symbol of purity and simplicity. But as the time advanced we have been able to bring moderations to this simple white dress and now every little design and piece is available.

The main idea behind a wedding dress is simply to put an end to the singlehood and committing your life to your soul mate. It doesn’t matter if the dress is custom made or passed down from someone, what matters is that the dress is white and captures the beauty of bride.