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Dubai, UAE

Attractions of a desert safari trip

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Dubai is the attraction for visitors of different tastes, some people go there to enjoy Arabian food there, some go for shopping and some others will go to travel through the best desert safari in Dubai. There is also an attraction of Dubai which is morning desert safari Dubai on the sea of Dubai. People want to visit these places as these are the great places to enjoy especially with your friends and family. People who want to go there alone will not get the exact enjoyment because Arabs are not very fond of making new friendships with people from outside Arab that is why you should go with your loved ones to enjoy even more. When you are going to Dubai for some enjoyment then you should go for the following:

Dune bashing: It is the most amazing sport which you can play out in the desert. Although you have to pay some extra money for this other than your usual travelling charges but the amount is totally worth it because you will get the chance to run a vehicle in the sand and you will enjoy a lot. There are vehicle available of different speeds and if you are driving this for the first time then you should start with the vehicle of low speed so that it will be easier for you to handle and enjoy.

Sunset: It is the attraction of most visitors there because sunset will look even more amazing when the orange rays reflect through the sand particles. The scene there will be mesmerizing and people do not want to miss that scene when they visit to Dubai. In the open area like desert, sun will look more beautiful and people can take pictures and enjoy those moments later when they reach their home.

Cruise: This is another thing to enjoy when you visit Dubai. These are the beautiful old school ships to take people in the sea and where they can enjoy the night and dinner in the open area. Charges for the cruise are bit higher than the charges for the desert safari because they will have to take you in the sea and responsible to take you back safe and sound. They will also offer amazing dinner on the deck but you can sit under the covered area too.